Spider-Man The first big screen Spider-Man movie was released May 2002 by Sony/Columbia. Helmed by Sam Raimi and starring Tobey Maguire Peter Parker/Spider-Man. Since the original, there have been two sequels, and just as the 4th movie was gaining steam, the studio announced a reboot with an all new cast and crew. Summary: Orphaned at an early age, Peter Parker lived in Queens, New York with his beloved Aunt May and Uncle Ben. Peter leads the life of a normal high school student while working as a photographer at the Daily Bugle, but after being bitten by a genetically altered/radioactive spider, Peter Parker's life becomes complicated. Able to cling to any surface, shoot webbing from his wrists, and the with the proportional strength of a spider, Peter devotes himself to fighting crime as Spider-Man--his guiding principle, "With great power, comes great responsibility."

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Fan cast for a new reboot of the Spider-Man universe.
While Sony's plans are still unknown, even to them, I present the case as to why our favourite webslinger deserves better than what he's been getting.
Wait, what? That's right! The most stalwart hater of The Amazing Spider-Man franchise here on CBM, has decided to craft a pitch for the next installment! What will this entail? Who will it feature? Has Doom lost his mind? Come and find out all the answers!
Spider-man's cinematic future is still very much up in the air with many still making a case for bringing him back to Marvel. Hit the jump for a brief look at who could possibly be the new Peter Parker, whether Miles Morales would fit in the MCU and to share who you'd like to see take on the role.
The young Kingsman: The Secret Service actor had previously played coy about the rumor that he was up for the Scott Summers role in Bryan Singer's next X-flick, but now he takes himself out of the running completely. There is another superhero he'd like to play though..
Brian Michael Bendis (Ultimate Spider-Man and Powers) visits Late Night with Seth Meyers. Hit the jump for what he has to say about the latest Marvel event "Secret Wars" and his thanks to Glenn Beck for giving Ultimate Spider-Man an early bump in publicity.
If you were getting all excited about the prospect of Spider-Man joining Earth's Mightiest Heroes in Avengers: Infinity War, you may want to think again!eo It's not confirmed, but it appears as if Sony are indeed forging ahead with Sinister Six. Read on for details...
Marvel's Plan "SPIDER-MAN"
It ends here! After several battles between villains and even himself, Peter Parker must take on his largest challenges yet, as he faces the Sinister Six, as well as his greatest foe yet in the latest issue of The Superior Spider-Man! Check it out!
Marvel Comics' most famous character, Spider-Man, could (potentially) be coming home. For years, fans have been dreaming to see the wall-crawler on screen with some of Marvel's other heroes, and now it may become a reality. Hit the jump to check out some potential routes Marvel could take if Spidey comes home!
Long-time Spidey fan Y2H explains why Sony should keep the rights to everyone's favorite web-slinger.
A terrifying family called the Inheritors is traveling around the multiverse feasting on the life-essence of Spider-people. A group Of Spiders who have bound together to fight the Inheritors sought out Peter Parker, the only spider who ever defeated an Inheritor.
The Amazing Spider-Man discovered that a second team of Spiders had been assembled by the Superior Spider-Man (Doc Ock in The Amazing Spider-Man's brain), but even their combined forces were not enough to fend off a surprise attack from the Inheritor family! The Spiders were scattered on missions across the multiverse; meanwhile, Superior Spider-Man declared himself leader of those that remain.
For some unexplained reason, it wasn't revealed until after The Amazing Spider-Man 2's release that the Academy Award-nominated Felicity Jones had actually played the famous Felicia Hardy a.k.a. the Black Cat. Anyways.. come check it out as she talks about her future as the Black Cat!
There has been a TON of speculation about Spider-Man joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe soon. IGN recently caught up with the writers of the third CAPTAIN AMERICA film and they had quite a bit to say about the film itself as well as raising more questions about Spider-Man's involvement.
You remember a while ago when that rumor came that Spidey was going back to Marvel? Well it seems Sony really wants to prove that previously reported rumor wrong. You want to see what they have posted? Then come and take a look.
The newly-announced Oscar nominee suggests that he has not lost interest in appearing in a comic book blockbuster despite auditioning for, and ultimately losing out on, multiple superhero/villain roles
So will they or won't they? Sony has us frustrated with the rumors of including Spider-Man in the MCU. Well what if they do come to terms? Maybe they should avoid the Big Screen with another rebooted Spider-Man and stick to having Spider-MEN on tv! What do I mean? Click the jump to find out!
Rights issues mean that the big screen versions of Spider-Man can't appear in Marvel's Spider-Verse event, but the latest issue of one of the tie-ins found a very clever way of including the Spider-Men played by Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire. Hit the jump to check it out...
Are you excited about Spider-Man joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Avengers: Infinity War? Well, Sony Pictures have now responded to today's reports, dismissing them entirely. Uh, who's looking forward to The Amazing Spider-Man 3 then? Read on for details...
Well, if recent news articles are to be believed, Spider-Man will be coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Marvel Studios and SONY will be working together, to some degree, to create the future Spider-Man reboot and sequels. The first time we will see Spider-Man in a team setting is supposedly May 1, 2018. But, how will his solo film(s) come into the Marvel Cinematic Universe?
In the following video interview with Digital Spy, Miles Teller (Whiplash) reveals that the ensemble nature of Josh Trank's Fantastic Four reboot drew him to the role of Reed Richards, as he knew he'd be able to "share the superhero world" with other actors. Click on to take a look...
Everyone is talking about how, if Marvel Studios gets ahold of Spider-Man, it MUST be rebooted. However, looking at the fact that this would be the second reboot in ten years and the last Spider-Man film is only going to have been two years ago by the time Captain America: Civil War is out, I believe there is a better way to reinvigorate the franchise and allow Spider-Man to join the MCU.
Marvel's (potential) Spider-Man reboot---For months we have heard details about the deal, and with the "Spidey-Summit" to be held in the coming weeks, who knows? So without further ado, hit the jump to check out the 10 must haves for the Spider-Man reboot!
Following the events of Peter Parker ridding himself of the black symbiote, hit the jump to see what new challenges arise for the webhead, in part 3.5 of 5 of The Superior Spider-Man: A Hero's Legend. Check it out after the jump!
With it being up in the air whether Spiderman will remain with SONY or return to MARVEL and his makers, I have comprised a fancast of what might just put our wall crawler back in business