Spider-Man The first big screen Spider-Man movie was released May 2002 by Sony/Columbia. Helmed by Sam Raimi and starring Tobey Maguire Peter Parker/Spider-Man. Since the original, there have been two sequels, and just as the 4th movie was gaining steam, the studio announced a reboot with an all new cast and crew. Summary: Orphaned at an early age, Peter Parker lived in Queens, New York with his beloved Aunt May and Uncle Ben. Peter leads the life of a normal high school student while working as a photographer at the Daily Bugle, but after being bitten by a genetically altered/radioactive spider, Peter Parker's life becomes complicated. Able to cling to any surface, shoot webbing from his wrists, and the with the proportional strength of a spider, Peter devotes himself to fighting crime as Spider-Man--his guiding principle, "With great power, comes great responsibility."

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Disney XD has released three clips from the "Ant-Man," "Burrito Run," and "Attack of the Synthezoids" episodes of Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors! When exactly these episodes will air in the U.S. is uncertain, but regardless, come check it out!
We know that there were at least talks of an animated Spider-Man movie in the works at Sony. Whether that movie will still happen remains to be seen, however I read through some of the hacked emails and may have found more info on the flick.
A low-res after credits scene for Avengers: Age of Ultron has surfaced on YouTube, and it introduces a certain someone to the MCU! It looks too good to be fake, but Kevin Feige and Joss Whedon have said there won't be one attached to the sequel. Check it out...
WikiLeaks have published all of the "Sony Hack" emails, and one particularly interesting exchange contains Marvel Studios notes on The Amazing Spider-Man 2 from late 2013. "Andrew’s performance is all over the place…a lot of crying and then a lot of mania." Read on for details...
My take on an adaptation of The Ultimate Spider-Man Comic Books!
Things i want to see in the new films
Hit the jump to find out what Chris Evans had to say when asked whether Steve Rogers will serve as a mentor to Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War! Meanwhile, Chris Hemsworth reveals whose side Thor would choose in that battle, but beware of possible spoilers for Avengers: Age of Ultron...
Though the deal is done and Spidey will be a part of the MCU, for a long time Marvel wasn't certain the Webhead would be made available and had multiple Phase 3 plans in place -- some to continue on with him, others without. Find out what Kevin Feige had to say about this after the jump...
Fans have been worrying about Sony potentially pulling Spider-Man out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe on a whim, but Kevin Feige talks here about how far into the future the deal is set, and the good news is that it looks like Peter Parker will spend a long time as a member of The Avengers...
Robert Downey Jr. talks here about whether or not he wants to see Spider-Man join the ranks of The Avengers, and which version of the character - Peter Parker or Miles Morales - he prefers. The actor also comes up with a theory about how Stark Industries may be tied to that radioactive spider...
We talk about the contracts of actors and directors all the time, but what about Marvel's head honcho Kevin Feige? How long does Marvel Studios have the mastermind behind the Marvel Cinematic Universe under contract for? Come find out what Feige had to say!
(Updated!) Revealing Captain Marvel was taken out of Avengers: Age of Ultron and why, Marvel's head honcho offers updates on most of the Phase 3 movies, leading up to Avengers: Infinity War
A 50/50 draw brings on our first 3-way fight!
With Spider-Man confirmed to debut in Marvel Phase 3 as the usual Peter Parker and with the film not being an origin story, Spider-Man and some of his foes will already be able to appear in the film and sure enough it is expected to be based partially and loosely on one of the Spider-Man comic story arcs to make the film thrilling and effective so let's look at the suggestions.
Kevin Feige reveals that Marvel won't be retelling Spider-Man's origin story in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as "There is a young kid [already] running around New York City in a homemade version of the Spider-Man costume." He also reveals new details on the costume, his personality, and more!
When a Murderous family of interdimensional creautures called The Inheritors began hunting and feasting on the lifeforces of Spider-people from across the multiverse, it fell to Peter Parker, The Amazing Spider-Man, to lead his fellow Spider-Men and women to victory. One Inheritor leeched some of Spider-Man's lifeforce and, as a result, Peter now feels especially exhausted.
However Peter's spirits could not be higher. After literally leading an army against certain doom, he's sure he can lead his company, Parker industries, to a successful future.
Peter Parker is Spider-Man. We all know that, but whether or not we'd see the original Spidey in the upcoming 2017 reboot was a little uncertain.. until now that is! Marvel boss Kevin Feige has come out and revealed which web-crawler we'll see as well as his age! Come check it out!
Something many people don't notice right off the bat is just how HUGE of a difference Spiderman's eyes can make on the costume he is wearing, below are some different rendition of Spider-Eyes, I'm just curious which one everyone would want to see most (if any) in the new Marvel Spider-Man film.
This hasn't been done before, right? oh well, have another: Winter Ostritch's Idea Spider-Man film. Note: May contain ramblings and traces of nuts
The Wrap's Jeff Sneider discussed some rumblings regarding some big properties on Meet The Movie Press. Be advised, these are rumors for the time being.
The story has been decided!!!!
With Spider-Man set to become a member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with next year's Captain America: Civil War, the chances of seeing the wall-crawler meeting up with the Man Without Fear have significantly increased. Here, Daredevil's Kingpin talks about possibly kicking Spidey's butt...
I know this may be a little late with all the rumors that Marvel is looking for a younger actor for the next Spider-Man, but I couldn't pass up seeing what one of my new favorite Actors would look like as Spider-Man.Check it out!