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The live action Teen Titans adaptation has frustratingly received a flat tire. Although filming was expected to commence during this time, it hasn't, and the lack of any recent progressive announcements isn't so hopeful. Someone's brief comments do shed light on its status, however. - Batarmor
What comic book television series should we be anticipating? Which should we be dreading? Allow me to answer that and more... - Darkknight2149
A new clip has released for the newest episode of Teen Titans Go! titled, "The Spice Game!" In this episode the Titans get sick of Robin's tasteless cooking, so they decide to spice it up with hot sauce! Even though the Titans love it, Robin warns them that something bad will happen if they persist... - NightWatcher
In the next episode Of Teen Titans Go!, a giant cocoon mysteriously appears in the Titans’ living room, and no one can find Beast Boy. Check out this clip from "The Croissant", and be sure to watch the full thing on Thursday August 20 6:00/5:00c on Cartoon Network... - JamieSuth
In this new Installment Of Teen Titans Go!, Beast Boy gets a stack of cash from the Tooth Fairy, so against Raven’s advice, the other Titans start knocking out their own teeth to get some of that sweet Tooth Fairy money. New Episode Airs Thursday, August 13 on Cartoon Network. - JamieSuth
Here is my idea for a Teen Titans movie trilogy that could work. Check it out! - dannramm113
Probably my favorite fancast thus far, this is a dream cast of DC's Teen Titans. - UltimateCookie
Check out my interview with Teen Titans Go! producer Michael Jelenic where we discuss the 100th episode, favorite characters and Starfire and Robin's future! I also have a clip from tonight's episode to share, so click on to take a look and be sure to share your thoughts in the usual place! - JamieSuth
This is the my DC fan cast with Young Justice and Teen Titan members. My last fan cast got mixed or negative comments from CBM users due to me using actors from the movie and TV universes or not being well laid out. I'm one of the few that feel both universes should co exist along with creating my own format. I respect users rights to their opinion so please be kind in the comments. - ninjamaster88
It seems TNT's upcoming Teen Titans TV series will actually be called "Blackbirds", and we may be waiting a bit longer to see Nightwing and co. in action. Shooting was expected to take place this Summer in Toronto, but a new report suggests production won't commence until later in the year... - RorMachine
Twenty years after the release of ''Batman Forever'', the former Robin actor tells ETOnline about a possible spin-off that nearly happened! - MrFantastic
TV has superhero fever and DC is a big part of that. The DC TV universe is expanding. Arrow has spawned a number of spinoffs and helped usher in a new television universe. Not only are more DC shows coming to the CW, but also other networks. DC properties are a hot commodity right now. The expansion of DC's television world raises some thoughts. Which characters should get his/her own show? The Question is a character I think everyone should consider. - ComicsBornAndBred
It's been a while since we've heard anything about TNT's plans for Titans, but network president Kevin Reilly talks here about when production is expected to begin and the unique - but still comic book faithful - direction that writer Akiva Goldsman is planning to take with the property... - JoshWilding
In this new Instalment Of Teen Titans Go!, Beast Boy and Cyborg decide to make a yearbook for the Titans... but will Robin, Raven, and Starfire like the idea? Have a look, then be sure to tune in for the entire ep On Cartoon Network, Thursday, May 14th. - JamieSuth
In The New Episode Teen Titans GO! Beast Boy's head starts to rattle, Robin suggests that he should find a hobby so that his brain will stop shrinking. Beast Boy and his brain agree to take up gardening. - JamieSuth
Reports indicate that TNT'S Teen Titans based show will now be titled Blackbirds. We also have confirmation that shooting is due to begin in the spring with casting announcements expected soon! Click on for more details and be sure to share your thoughts on this possible title change... - CameronGray
A new clip of Teen Titans GO! has just been released, and in this installment (which airs April 30th), Robin teaches the Titans how to play soccer. They quickly become obsessed, and accidentally uncover the secret reason why the sport is so popular... - JamieSuth
Do you want Nightwing, Arsenal, Raven, and Starfire in the DCCU as much as I do? Click to see if you think you could imagine them in this universe... - caseyhaney
WB has just released a new clip of Teen Titans GO!, which airs April 23. When Raven chooses to hang out with Rose Wilson, a cool escaped criminal, the other Titans feel left out. To feel “less lame,” they decide to go to Cool School. - JamieSuth
A new clip from the next episode of Teen Titans GO! has just been released. In this instalment that airs April 2nd, Robin tries to teach the Titans to respect money, but he ends up being the one who learns the lesson. Click below to watch the clip... - JamieSuth
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