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Comic Book Movie

Are you excited for Season 2 of The Flash? TV Line have revealed a few interesting details about the popular CW show's sophomore season, after talking with the show's star and executive producer Geoff Johns. Hit the jump to see what they had to say!
While collecting his first acting award for his work on The Flash, Grant Gustin had a few things to tease about the show's second season. Revealing that the next big threat will feature almost immediately, he also touched on DC spin-off series, Legends Of Tomorrow.
Earlier today we found out when to expect the season 4 premiere of Arrow and the season 2 premiere of The Flash, and now the CW has released a couple of promo images for each. See new pics of Grant Gustin as Barry Allen and Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen after the jump...
Find out when Arrow season 4 and The Flash season 2 premiere on The CW this Fall. Where do you want a new season of adventure to take Stephen Amell's Oliver Queen and Grant Gustin's Barry Allen?
With the CW's The Flash getting such high praise for its antagonist, it was only a matter of time before Eobard Thawne surfaced in the comics again - and after being missing since Flashpoint, Professor Zoom has returned! Check out Zoom in action with a preview of The Flash #41.
It's summer, and SuperheroStuff.com have a great range of new products in for you to make this season even more enjoyable. How about starting or expanding your Funko Pop collection with this awesome vinyl figure of The Fastest Man Alive, The Flash? Hit the jump to check it out...
New details about the 2nd season of The Flash have been revealed through casting calls and auditions. Click the jump to read about The Flash's "mystery superhero" and the identity of Detective West's new partner.
Hailed by some as the best comic book show on television, The Flash will speed onto DVD and Blu-ray this Fall. After the jump, you'll find the cover art, release date, and special features which will be included in the set. Who wouldn't want to relive this awesome series?
The Flash season one gave Firestorm the power of flight and flame but comic book fans know there's one important ability Firestorm has that the show did not tackle. However, Robbie Amell has teased that the show will introduce this power in season 2.
Is The Flash looking to cast a hero or a villain in its newest casting description? Fan speculations is already running rampant that it's for Jay Garrick but decide for yourself after the jump.