Thundercats ThunderCats is an animated television series debuting in 1984 that was produced by Rankin/Bass Productions. Based on the characters created by Tobin "Ted" Wolf. The series follows the adventures of a group of cat-like humanoid aliens. There were also several comic book series produced: Marvel Comics' version (currently owned by Warner Bros. rival Disney), 1984 to 1988; and five series by Wildstorm, an imprint of DC Comics (Warner Bros.' corporate sibling), beginning in 2003. It was announced on June 5, 2007, that Aurelio Jaro is making a CGI-animated feature film of ThunderCats, based on a script written by Paul Sopocy with Jerry O'Flaherty directing, but it has since been reported that the movie is on hold. Concept art for the film has also been leaked online. In June 2010, a press release revealed that a new animated series by Warner Bros. Animation was in production for Cartoon Network with animation provided by Studio 4°C.
Fox's Animation Domination, has created another "Scientifically Accurate" cartoon for you to enjoy. This one takes on the popular series, ThunderCats. It's just as gross and hilarious as their previous videos for Ducktales, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Spider-Man. - nailbiter111
The much hyped 2011 ThunderCats reboot from Cartoon Network only lasted one season to the dismay of many fans. What would the show have explored if it had made it to a second season? "We were no. 1 in our time slot but like Young Justice, it didn't move toys." - MarkJulian
Cartoon Network has released preview clips from this week's new episode of ThunderCats titled “What Lies Above - Part 2”. Check out the previews after the link. - JohnWilbanks
Cartoon Network has released preview clips from this week's new episode of Thundercats titled “Curse of Ratilla”. Check out the previews after the link. - JohnWilbanks
Cartoon Network has released preview clips and images from this week's new episode of Thundercats titled "The Pit". Check out the previews after the link. - JohnWilbanks
The reimagining of the classic 1980s cartoon, which began airing on CN last summer, will begin its second season later this month. In addition, we have some spoilerish descriptions of the next two episodes. Check them out after the jump. - PaulRom
Some original never before seen concept art for the first run of Thundercats surfaces. Hit the jump for a look! - Thorverine
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Looks like we're in store for a flashback episode. Check out young Tygra and Cheetara in this sneak peak at tomorrow's episode. - MarkJulian
Artist George Evangelista has created this cool gallery of images featuring a re-imagined look at the three ThunderCats characters: Panthro, Tygra and Cheetara. Hit the jump to see it in full detail... - WolvieCBM
Children of the '80s will certainly remember these ThunderCat fan favorites. The Berbils will debut in tonight's episode but see them first in this short clip. - MarkJulian
Your first look at the Ro-Bear Berbils! The memorable robotic teddy bears were featured in the original show and will be re-imagined in Cartoon Network's latest episode of ThunderCats. Hit the jump for a glimpse. - nailbiter111
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The actor feels like he'd be a perfect fit for the role of Panthro, and is hoping Robert Rodriguez gives him a call for Sin City 2. - nailbiter111
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Veteran voice-actor Will Friedle of Batman Beyond and the new Thundercats show expounds upon the difference between each show's iconic character. - MarkJulian
Despite the new Thundercats cartoon having begun airing on Cartoon Network last week, the first eight episodes have already been announced for a DVD release! Check out the details after the jump... - PaulRom
I'm just giving my review on the new Thunder-cats Cartoon that premiered on Cartoon network Tonight. - ToughGrappler
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The start date for the upcoming re-imagining of the hugely popular 80's toon has been announced. Plus, it's been revealed that fans can get an early look at the hour long premiere episode as this years SDCC.. - RorMachine