Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Wonder Woman is a DC Comics superheroine created by William Moulton Marston. She first appeared in All Star Comics #8 (December 1941) and has been published by DC Comics almost continuously except for a brief hiatus in 1986. Wonder Woman is a warrior Princess of the Amazons (based on the Amazons of Greek mythology) and was created as a "distinctly feminist role model whose mission was to bring the Amazon ideals of love, peace, and sexual equality to a world torn by the hatred of men." In addition to the comics, the character has appeared in other media; most notably, the 1975–1979 Wonder Woman TV series starring Lynda Carter, as well as animated series such as the Super Friends and Justice League. Although a number of attempts have been made to adapt the character to live-action film, none have yet emerged from development hell. An animated film was released in 2009, with Keri Russell voicing the title role. In 2011, Adrianne Palicki starred in a failed pilot for a would-be series about the character.
Filming on Wonder Woman is in full swing, and director Patty Jenkins & stars Gal Gadot, Chris Pine and Ewan Bremner were all spotted shooting in Essex this weekend. But the biggest news? We finally have confirmation over the movie's heavily rumored World War 1 setting! - Minty
On the back of that initial image reveal, we've now learned who will be joining Gal Gadot and Chris Pine in the main cast of Wonder Woman in a new press release from WB. While there's no mention of Nicole Kidman, there's still plenty of talent involved here. Check it out! - Minty
Actress Gal Gadot has just released the first official still from DC's upcoming Wonder Woman movie. Featuring a cloaked Diana, the image also signals the start of filming on the hotly anticipated DCEU production (a movie 75 years in the making). Hit the jump to check it out! - SebsCso54
Mad Max: Fury Road director George Miller was once upon a time in line to direct a Justice League movie for Warner Bros. That project never came to pass due to numerous reasons but today, we get a glimpse of his vision for Megan Gale's Wonder Woman. - MarkJulian
When we saw Chris Pine decked out in World War I garb in those recently released images from the Wonder Woman set, we figured Steve Trevor must only feature in the portion of the movie that's set in the past. Well, there might just be something else going on there... - RorMachine
Hit the jump and check out what the newest addition to the Wonder Woman cast, Saïd Taghmaoui, has to say about his role in Princess Diana's highly-anticipated solo outing, how that role came about, what he had to endure in preparation, and also how long shooting will last. - DCMarvelFreshman
Two of the first photos from the Wonder Woman set have found their way online in a rather unusual way, and they reveal not only a cool first look at Chris Pine sporting WW2-era clothes as Steve Trevor, but also an intriguing new addition to the cast. Check it out after the jump! - DCMarvelFreshman
The latest installment of Collider's chat with producer Charles Roven confirms a couple of interesting details about two of Warner Bros.'highly anticipated DC Comics adaptations: Wonder Woman, and Justice League: Part One - which will NOT shoot back to back with its sequel... - RorMachine
Gal Gadot posted an Instagram snap of her early morning workout as production on WB's live-action Wonder Woman movie kicked off today. Also, Geoff Johns and Clay Enos recently crossed the Atlantic for the start of filming. Could more casting announcements be imminent? - MarkJulian
You've heard the rumor that both the God of War, Ares, and Circe the Sorceress would feature as the antagonists in Patty Jenkins' solo Wonder Woman movie, and now we might just have some details on what brings Diana into conflict with them. Possible plot SPOILERS ahead... - RorMachine
As more casting details on the Patty Jenkins directed Wonder Woman movie begin to emerge, The Wrap reports that Oscar winner Nicole Kidman is in negotiations to play a "high ranking Amazonian warrior", which could well turn out to be Queen Hippolyta... - RorMachine
An official 2012 Wonder Woman Screenplay has resurfaced.

For over 70 years, Wonder Woman has stood as an icon of female empowerment, the embodiment of feminine strength, and ultimately, a fiercely determined superhero who fights side by side with Superman and Batman, superhero icons in their own right. With the release of

Superman in 1978, superheroes emerged from the back shelves of dusty comic book stores and into mainstream pop culture. Today, half a dozen films inspired by comic books are released a year, with budgets reaching up to $300,000,000 and bringing in billions of dollars at the box office. Batman has just completed a franchise-rebooting trilogy, Spider-Man is about to be rebooted a third time, while the Man Of Steel is set to face off against the World´s Greatest Detective in an epic showdown that is sure to rock the global box office. Even second tier or little known comic book heroes such as Antman and Hellboy have managed to rack up or announce sequels between them... - morkmindypressj
For the first time since he signed on as Steve Trevor, Star Trek star Chris Pine talks here about joining the much-anticipated Wonder Woman movie opposite Gal Gadot and also why he's excited to be a part of this particular DC Comics adaptation. Check it out after the jump! - DCMarvelFreshman
While we wait for Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice to hit theatres, Gal Gadot talks about her research for the role of Wonder Woman with Total Film. She also went on to talk about how her version differs from that of Lynda Carter's version of Wonder Woman. Check it out! - Kr08
Although we have yet to see much of Gal Gadot's performance as Wonder Woman, what is certain is that she is more than excited to take to the big screen as the Amazonian princess. In her interview with Total Film Magazine, Gal Gadot revealed how she got the role of Wonder Woman. Check it out! - Kr08
Only about a year and eight months remain before Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman receives her first solo feature film! A new report has been released revealing with it a ton of very interesting plot details as well as revealing a potentially very intriguing cameo! Come check it out! - KingPatel
What a wonderful day! In a recent interview with Total Film Magazine, Gal Gadot revealed what it was like for her to take on the mantle of Wonder Woman along with standing next to Batman and Superman for the very first time, forming the Trinity. Check it out! - Kr08
We all know that Gal Gadot isn't really playing Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice. I mean, what kind of sick joke is that? So, who will actually play her? Check out my theory or I'll block all of you. - Abary
DC Entertainment has just announced that we'll be getting a new The Legend Of Wonder Woman digital comic series next year. Renae De Liz will write and illustrate, and the story focuses on Diana's life on Themyscira before she leaves for "Man's World". More past the jump... - RorMachine
Remember those reports that the Wonder Woman trilogy will see each movie take place in a different period of time? Well, it seems the plan has drastically changed, and you can find all the details about what to expect from the Patty Jenkins helmed movie after the jump... - JoshWilding
Marvel and Disney may need to get their act together when it comes to Black Widow merchandise, but it's become clear that there will be lots of Wonder Woman booty up for grabs next March! The latest is this incredible statue based on Gal Gadot's likeness in Batman v Superman... - JoshWilding
Writer Grant Morrison has been working on an original Wonder Woman tale for years, and in 2016, that story will finally arrive as the latest OGN in DC's chart-topping Earth One line. Hit the jump for the first official synopsis and cover art by Yanick Paquette. - staypuffed
While Jason Fuchs (Pan) for some reason refuses to confirm or deny his involvement with Wonder Woman, he has lots to say about how the DC Extended Universe is coming together and the main ways in which it differs to what both Marvel and Fox are doing with theirs... - JoshWilding
Gal Gadot is obviously playing Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice next year, but her role in the DC Extended Universe could have been a lot shorter had she said yes to a part offered to her in Man of Steel. Find out who she nearly played after the jump... - JoshWilding