FAN CAST: Batman Arkham Asylum

FAN CAST: Batman Arkham Asylum

My choices for who should play the main characters in a live action version of the hit video game!

I know that its incredibly unlikely that this movie will ever be made! However, I'm sure that any fans of the game will agree with me when I say that if it were to be made then it would be epic! I've based my choices on the videogame versions of the characters rather than the comic book or current movie ones so I hope you guys think they're a good fit! This is my first DC fan cast so enjoy!

Adrian Pasdar as Bruce Wayne/Batman


Although I'm not a fan of Heroes, this guy has always impressed me with his performance everytime I've caught a few minutes of the show! I'm a big fan of Bale so I'd like to see him stay on as Batman for a while but Pasdar would be my top choice for a replacement and the perfect actor for an adaptation of the game with an older, more mature Batman - a role that I think Pasdar would nail!


If a movie version were to follow the same pattern as the game by having Oracle only as a voice relaying information to Batman then I think Bell is the perfect choice. Her voiceover work in Assassins Creed I & II is impressive and I think she has the right type of voice and personality for this part.

Bruce Willis as Commissioner Gordon


If Marvel hadnt gone the Ultimate route with Nick Fury then Willis would have been my first choice for that role. I think that he'd do a great job playing that type of character and Gordon happens to be another character that I think he's ideal for. Put a wig and mustache on him and I also think that he'd look perfect for the part!

Rockmond Dunbar as Aaron Cash


He may have played a prisoner in Prison Break but I think he'd do an excellent job playing the guard with a grudge against Killer Croc! He portrays a bad ass brilliantly and I dont think he'd have any problem with this type of role.

James Franco as The Joker


Though he never got the chance to play a full on psychotic Green Goblin in Spider-Man 3, his performance in that movie (as well as his diverse range of acting skills shown in other films like Pineapple Express) makes me think he'd make an excellent Joker! Mark Hamill's voice over performance was perfect in the game, but for a live-action version Franco is my top choice.

Billie Piper as Harley Quinn


An excellent actress that has become best known for her role as Rose in Doctor Who. Although I agree with many of you that Brittany Murphy is a great choice for this role, I wanted to think of someone else and I think Piper would do a great job at playing a completely different type of character and I also happen to think she looks completely perfect for this part!


Yeah, I know that two major Doctor Who stars in one movie may be a little much but this movie will probably never get made so who cares, lol! I actually think that Tennant is perfect for a live action version in the Nolanverse but if they were to just use the characters voice like in the game then I also think that he's the best choice for that as well!


If they were to include Scarecrow in a similar fashion to the game (in fantasy type sequences) the I think that Serkis is a perfect choice. His voicework in past movies and games has been excellent and I think he'd do an amazing job at doing the characters creepy mannerisms!


Blum is a well known voice actor in videogames and his work in Arkham Asylum where he actually voiced Croc was perfect so I'd be happy to see him return and voice the character in a live action version.


A character like Bane would obviously have to be mainly CGI but if his voice and face had to be based on anyone I would pick Butler because as 300 proved ("This is Sparta!") he has an incredibly powerful voice suited to this type of villain!

Eva Green as Poison Ivy


I think that Green both looks and sounds perfect for this part. I also think that she has the right qualities needed to play this character.

Ben Foster as Mr Zsasz


He may be my first choice to play Electro but as 30 Days Of Night and 3:10 To Yuma showed, Foster is great at playing a psychotic type villain making him perfect for this character in both personality and looks!

So thats it, let me know what you think in the usual place! Thanks for reading!!!

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