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DC Comics DC Comics, Inc. (founded in 1934 as National Allied Publications) is one of the largest and most successful companies operating in the market for American comic books and related media. It is the publishing unit of DC Entertainment a company owned by Warner Bros. which itself is owned by Time Warner. DC Comics produces material featuring a large number of well-known characters, including Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Robin, Aquaman, Nightwing, Green Arrow, Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern, and the Flash, and such superhero teams as the Justice Society, the Justice League and the Teen Titans, and such antagonists as Lex Luthor, the Joker, the Riddler, Mr. Freeze, Bane, Catwoman, Sinestro, the Penguin, Two-Face, General Zod, Gorilla Grodd, Brainiac, and Darkseid.
In this new video by Fine Brothers Entertainment we get to see a group of Elders reacting to this years epic comic-con trailer for the highly anticipated Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Take the jump to check out their reaction to the film! - yonny616
A big rumour that is currently circulating the web is that Jared Leto's Joker is actually a crazed Jason Todd. Seeing that this rumour has gained a lot of attention, I think it's time to put this rumour under a magnifying glass. - Darkknight2149
As the other titles starring the Man of Steel deal with his radical new status quo, Gene Yang and John Romita, Jr.'s Superman explores exactly how it happened... this week, find out how Lois Lane uncovered Clark Kent's superhero identity! Hit the jump for a preview. - staypuffed
Leave it to good ol' boys Bruce Timm and Alan Burnett to write a Justice League animated feature that's an instant classic. Much like their past work ranging from Batman: The Animated Series, Superman: The Animated Series, Batman Beyond, to the Justice League series - this is DC animation the way it should be done. - thecbguys
Here it is who'll make the Sweet 16 from the Gotham & Xandar regions? The Comic Book Movie Madness continues click the link to vote for the rest of Round 2. - wcwpoet
There's a trio of adventures awaiting Batgirl in this week's oversized annual issue, with Barbara Gordon chasing down Dick Grayson and Helena Bertinelli, having a meeting with Batwoman, and taking a trip to Gotham Academy. Check out a preview now! - staypuffed
Tom Holland was found on the Suicide Squad set posing with Joel Kinnaman for a instagram photo. - DinoRanger
UPDATED Over this past weekend we just found the winners in Round 1 in the New York & Metropolis Regions. So now to finish off round 1 here are the last 2 regions Gotham & Xandar. - wcwpoet
Since Comic Con is now over, the question everyone ask is "Who won Comic Con?". Not only I'm answering this question, but I think my answer is going to surprise you. - AvatarTarSauce
Round 1 is here the field is set get your votes in now. Vote now for the best Comic Book Movie March Madness Bracket style. - wcwpoet
We've seen many videos, countless comments, and a couple articles about some of the things going down in the Suicide Squad trailer, but here's some stuff you may not have noticed. Kong breaks it down, cutting the trailer into digestible bites for us to feast on. Hit the jump for more! - Kong
Obviously we haven't seen Ezra yet play The Flash but is the room for 2 Flashes?? - krayzeman
The battle for supremacy begins. A vote for the best CBM ever tournament style! Just like NCAA's March Madness take a look at the field of 68. Only one will be left standing. - wcwpoet
Geoff Johns (Green Lantern) and Jason Fabok (Batman Eternal) are back with another chapter of their epic Justice League storyline 'The Darkseid War', with Superman and Lex Luthor facing doom at the hands of the New God himself! Check out a preview now! - staypuffed
Movie studios should NOT be whining if their footage is leaked at Comic Con! - krayzeman
A fan re-edited the Suicide Squad trailer to make it a bit more fun! - thatguyandrew
New villains, more sense of humor and a new direction for the emerald archer were some of the things teased for the new season of Arrow at this year’s Comic-Con, and with this being the title for the first episode of the fourth season, looks like the series will deliver everything as promised. - JohnLacerda
With Comic-Con coming to a close, Warner Bros. has released a new video showcasing all the WB/DC/Vertigo logos for the returning and upcoming DC and Vertigo based television shows such Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, and others. Take the jump to check it out! - yonny616
So you think you got what it takes to name them all? This is where we separate the casual fans with the hardcore geeks. Click the link, and check how many of these comicbook characters you can identify. - TheWitness
After two successful DC Comics specials from Adult Swim's Robot Chicken, they're give us a third and now we have our first official trailer which, honestly, is pretty funny. So take the jump and check it out! - yonny616
A number of new DC Comics titles were unveiled at San Diego Comic-Con today -- the sequel to Batman Eternal, the crossover event Robin War, Geoff Johns' Justice League: Gods and Men, and three new series spinning out of DC Convergence. Hit the jump for details! - staypuffed
'Truth' rockets forward as Superman and Wonder Woman continue to come to terms with the Man of Steel's new status quo; however, with the duo coming face-to-face with the Suicide Squad, things aren't going to get any easier! Hit the jump to read a preview of next week's issue. - staypuffed
DC Collectibles have arrived at SDCC and have showed off new figures for The Flash, Arrow, Batman: The Animated Series, Batman: Arkham Knight, DC Icons as well as announce a Lee Bermejo and Darwyn Cooke Designer series and more. - LEVITIKUZ
First article with my casting ideas with a possible live action Young Justice show set a couple of years after season 2. - JustAnotherGuy
The acclaimed duo of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo continue their run on the Caped Crusader, with Jim Gordon continuing to embody his new role as Gotham's Dark Knight... and gaining a new toy while he's at it. Hit the jump to check out a preview of this week's Batman #42. - staypuffed