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A few days ago, it was announced that DC would be launching a set of variants based on the set of statuettes this June. We now have a full look at three of the covers, starring Wonder Woman, Catwoman and Poison Ivy. Hit the jump to check it out!
Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang's Wonder Woman run continues with a bold new issue! Hit the jump for action and intrigue in a new preview.
Do we finally get to see Ray Palmer as the tiny titan in costume? And in the most unlikely of titles as well. Hit the jump for the scoop.
Scott Snyder and Jim Lee's blockbuster Superman title is back after a hiatus, but things are looking bad for the Man of Steel. With a huge battle inbound and mysteries to unfold, the latest issue looks set to be the most exciting one yet. Hit the jump for a preview.
Woman Woman continues to hammer the gods in the latest collection of her adventures. Find out what I thought in my review.
DC's grandiose prelude to Forever Evil is now available as a collected edition. Interested in what I thought of it? Come on in!
DC's villain-centric event has been going on since September, but it's not coming to an end anytime soon - three of the Forever Evil titles have been pushed back. Hit the jump to find out which ones have shuffled release dates.
DC Comics have today released their full list of solicitations for June 2014, and we've picked out just ten of the covers (including the likes of Batman and Green Arrow) would be most deserving of a place up on your wall! Which titles made the cut? Hit the jump to find out!
We have yet another awesome DC hardcover up for grabs this week, and the superb arc brings together almost two years of plot threads culminating in the epic event known as "Trinity War". So, how can you get your hands on a copy? It's easy! Hit the jump to find out...
It seems the Sinestro Corps may make its presence felt in the Smallville universe this June. Will Batman receive a yellow ring? Check out the solicit and an amazing cover by Cat Staggs within.
Did you ever see Batman Under the Red Hood? This preview is something like that but with a little twist to it. While Batman is going to save Robin he crosses paths with Aquaman. Hit the jump to check out this confrontation...
After other themed-covers this year (Scribblenauts and Robot Chicken among them) DC will be launching another set of variants, based on the successful statue line. Hit the jump to check out the first details!
Next month, DC are launching a new book detailing the origins of various characters with rotating creative teams. The third issue will feature the early days of Green Lantern, Batwoman and Red Robin. Hit the jump to check out the solicit and cover art!
Arguably 2013's best comic book event is collected this month by DC in the Justice League: Trinity War hardcover, and it features all the main issues and tie-in's from the likes of Geoff Johns and Jeff Lemire. So, how can you get your hands on a copy? It's easy! Hit the jump to find out...
A new era begins for the Man of Steel this May as Geoff Johns (Justice League) takes over the reigns of Superman. However, he'll be joined by famed Marvel artist John Romita Jr. (Amazing Spider-Man), and you can check out his and Klaus Janson's issue #32 cover right here!
In this series I chronicle feats that no normal being should be able to accomplish in the DC Universe. Click the jump for more information.
After eleven fantastic issues, Batman: Li'l Gotham #12 will be concluding the beloved title. Hit the jump to check out a preview of the final issue by Derek Fridolfs & Dustin Nguyen.
This month's Justice League 3000 #4 sees our remaining future heroes learn the truth behind their mysterious creation... and it ain't pretty! Hit the jump to check out a preview of Keith Giffen, J.M. DeMatteis and Howard Porter's latest issue.
Newsarama has revealed two new MAD variants of upcoming DC titles, with Batman #30 and Nightwing #30 to receive parody covers. Read on to check them out!
A lot of people have questions and speculations on the headline villain for Rocksteady's final game of the Arkham franchise. I give my thoughts on possibilities for identity as well as plot points for the character.
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