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Wally West may be returning in the coming months and bringing in a new creative team with him, but Brian Buccellatto still has a little bit more to say about Barry Allen. See what The Flash is up to in this lettered preview of this week's issue.
Finally checked it out. Ummmm....WHAT?!
This week Cyborg seeks the help of the Metal Men to assist in his battle against The Grid. Find out what I thought in my latest review.
Check out my review of Justice League of America issue #12. *Spoilers*
In DC's May solicitations, the publisher has unveiled action figures based on "The New 52" version of Orion, the heroes of Earth-2, characters from Arkham Origins, and many more. Hit the jump to check out the full range of toys!
Details for the first batch of issues from DC's upcoming weekly series Futures End starring Terry McGinnis have been made available. Elsewhere, John Stewart has been confirmed as the Green Lantern of the Smallville universe.
As BatWoman fights crime around the city, her main priority as of now is to find out the secret identity of one of the newest evil villians, the wolf Spider! So hit the jump to see if you can find any clue in this preview, Check it out!
With the Justice League Still not in earth's present, villains try to take over. But there is one Hero who these Metal men are out to get most, But they wont get this hero without a fight. Hit the jump to see who this mighty hero is!
This month's Batman #28, written by Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV, is chocked full of surprises as it takes a glimpse into the future of the upcoming weekly series, Batman Eternal. Hit the jump for staypuffed's break-down of the intriguing "spoiler issue" (spoilers, obviously).
Happy Valentines Day! We all know even the toughest superheroes have soft spots. Here are a few of our favorite DC Comics character's very own personalized Valentines Day cards...check em out!
In a subway station in London Wonder woman and some of her friend try to hunt down the villain Zola. Meanwhile in provence there is two kids in a forest running from a monster. Hit the jump to see who that monster is!
It was just an ordinary day in metropolis, Superman saving the day and Clark writing for the Daily bug-, I mean planet. Until a Giant robot from space came crashing down in the harbor! Hit the jump to find out what discovery superman found out about this robot!
Comic Book Resources has revealed that DC's upcoming crossover Superman: Doomed will see Doomsday make a big splash in the Man of Steel's titles this May. Read on for cover art and more details!
This week Scott Snyder lets us gaze into Gotham's crystal ball to see what the future holds for Batman and those that surround him. Find out what I thought of this "Spoiler" issue in my review.
Check out my review of Forever Evil: Arkham War issue #5. 'Spoilers'
The Thinker has grown sick of the Suicide Squad, so he decides to released the monster...OMAC. This just might be one of thier toughest battles yet. Death is calling. Hit the jump to check it out!
In Smallville: Alien #3 The Son Of Krypton is having trouble defeating an alien interloper, While Lois and her friend takes a visit to the Batman. In
Superboy #28 Superboy must insure the protection of Jon Lane Kent. Hit the jump to check It out!
Faora and Zod Vs. Wonder Woman and Superman. Could this be considered the battle of the century or just another one edition battle. Find out the answer after you hit the jump!
On All Souls Day, Bruce Wayne takes his son Damian to mom’s house for a supervised visit — until an engine explosion makes their jet crash! Check it out after the jump!
The latest episode of DC's superb online series features Scott Snyder revealing some intriguing details about Batman #28, interviews with the DC super heroes featured in Phil Lord and Chris Miller's The LEGO Movie, and much more. Check it out!
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