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Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang will conclude their run on Diana Prince this October, with the new creative team of writer Meredith Finch and artist David Finch taking on the character. Check out a few penciled pages of Wonder Woman #36, the duo's first issue.
Remember how everyone thought Young justice was coming back?
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has dropped a pretty big hint as to who he might be playing in the DC Cinematic Universe, and it sounds very much like we should expect to see him as Justice League member, Shazam. An official announcement is also said to be coming soon...
We've rounded up just 10 of the best comic book covers from DC's October solicitations, including contributions from talents like Greg Capullo Gary Frank, Jae Lee, Ivan Reis, John Romita Jr., and many more. Hit the jump to check them out and to share your thoughts...
Writer Geoff Johns (Forever Evil) with artists John Romita, Jr. (Amazing Spider-Man) and Klaus Janson (The Dark Knight Returns) kicked off their run on the Man of Steel, introducing a brand new ally to the mythos in the form of Ulysses. Hit the jump to preview the next issue!
After years of being the number one comics super heroine in existence, DC gives Wonder Woman the bragging rights to verify she is one of the company’s most prominent “Trinity.” Will this help the company win its gender war with Marvel Entertainment?
Your Mom's favorite User finally debuts in the Editorial Section!
Some nice and constructive positive feedback would be greatly welcomed my fellow users, as I state my opinion on what the most underrated DC Animated movie of all time is by us the fans.
This week's episode of DC All Access focuses on Batman's quest to bring back his son in the pages of Robin Rises: Omega, while we also get a new sneak peek at the upcoming DC Nation Green Arrow short and the planned Batman Beyond digital series. Check it out!
DC has a new Teen Titans title out this week with a fresh creative team and line-up, starring Red Robin, Wonder Girl, Raven, Beast Boy and Bunker. Hit the jump to check out a preview of Will Pfeifer and Kenneth Rocafort's first issue.
In deep space, Hawkman and his crew try to find answers to several things, especially answers to green Arrow's death. Meanwhile the Justice League questions FireStorm about Oliver death. Hit the jump to check it out!
According to the producers, Constantine will bring many magic-related DC characters onto the small screen. Read on to discover who I hope to see and how I want them to be introduced in the series.
Ahead of the reveal of DC Comics's full October solicitations, Nerdist has unveiled the first details and cover art on Godhead, a story that "finds Green Lantern and the New Gods entangled in a struggle for intergalactic survival." Hit the jump for more!
Arrow and The Flash seem to be doing everything right so far. But there are still some burning questions that need to be answered. Hopefully some of these questions get answered at SDCC...
This October, DC Comics is launching their third weekly series of 2014, taking the characters of Earth 2 and putting them on a collision course to doomsday - or should I say Apokolips? Hit the jump to check out the October solicitations, covering the first four issues.
What if Snyder has approached the execs over at WB, pitched the idea of constructing a DC Universe by appalling two of the most iconic superheroes together in one film, only to be rejected and asked to construct a more broader universe?
DC Comics have released another batch of "Selfie" variant covers, all for this August's issues of The Flash, Green Lantern Corps, New Teen Titans and Catwoman. As per usual, it's the Scarlet Speedster who beats the Man of Steel in a race...
First it was Catwoman, and now Barbara Gordon is next for the revamp. Along with a new look, MTV report that writers Cameron Stewart and Brenden Fletcher will join artist Babs Tarr as the new creative team. See issue #35's cover, some concept art and a poster after the jump.
With the release of Warner Bros. full schedule for this year’s upcoming Comic-Con International, a particular line in the panel’s description refers to a announcement possibly regarding the cancelled yet critically acclaimed animated series YOUNG JUSTICE. Hit the jump to find out more!
The Arrow digital comic series will return on Monday, September 1st with "Season 2.5" and it will be joined by The Flash: Zero Year. Both of these will be set in the same universe as the TV shows and promise to set the stage for what's to come. Read on for details!
Catwoman has been a hit and miss series since "The New 52" relaunch, but this October will see newcomer Genevieve Valentine (Girls at the Kingfisher Club) replacing Ann Nocenti, with artist Garry Brown (Iron Patriot) joining her. Read on for details!
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