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In this week's Nightwing #30, we see a brand new version of Helena Bertinelli, known in pre-New 52 continuity as the Huntress. Check out her interesting new look, setting her up as a partner of Dick Grayson in the upcoming Grayson title.
What Vertigo comics are you looking forward to seeing on the big or small screen, and what ones are on your wishlist?
DC's new Secret Origins title retells the early days of famous characters in the New 52 continuity. Hit the jump to check out a preview of the second issue, featuring the origins of the Caped Crusader, Aquaman and Starfire!
If you grew up in the UK or Ireland in the '80s chances are you either read about this strange fella in the Beano, or caught his animated series on the tele. We recently found out that he'll be getting the big screen treatment next year, and you can see the first teaser poster after the jump.
Dick Grayson's been through a lot the past few months - first, the Crime Syndicate revealed his secret identity, then he was strapped to the Murder Machine, and now he and Bruce must face the consequences of Forever Evil. Check out a preview of the FINAL ISSUE of Nightwing!
Forever Evil tie-in last issue. Description, cover and pages of this New 52 title just past the jump...
DC Comics released their August 2014 solicitations earlier this week, and we've rounded up just ten of the most creative and stunning covers for you to enjoy! Agree? Disagree? Hit the jump to check them out and to share your thoughts on our selections.
Since Bart Allen has been introduced (and defiled as Bar Torr) in the New 52 as Kid Flash many have wondered about the mantle of Impulse. Well I tweeted Brett Booth about the subject after an interesting image was released & the answer was interesting! SPOILERS
Last week, we unveiled the solicitations and cover art for 21 issues of DC's big September event, which sees every title jump ahead five years, coinciding with Futures End. Another batch teases Wally West suiting up, Martian Manhunter planning to dominate and a brand new Superman!
Earth-3's Power Ring met a grisly end in the pages of Forever Evil, and we've been teased with a new one ever since. How will they cope with the curse? Well, you can get a first look at the newest member of the Justice League - Jessica Cruz - after the jump! Check it out.
With Superman now in custody, it's up to Batman, Wonder Woman and Steel (with a little help from Krypto) to discover the origins of the Phantom Zone! Hit the jump for a first look at Batman/Superman #11 as "Doomed" rolls on with chapter three...
A petition has been created to petition WB into including Arrow and The Flash in their DC Cinematic Universe!
Harley Quinn's solo title has been one of the biggest surprise success stories from the last few years, and next week's issue looks to be as fun and zany as the last. Hit the jump to check out an action-packed preview of Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti and Chard Hardin's Harley Quinn #6.
With Forever Evil wrapping up this Wednesday, A.R.G.U.S.'s super-group has disbanded and their mission is now over. Hit the jump to preview Matt Kindt and Eddy Barrows' final issue of Justice League of America.
DC's big September event sees every title jump ahead five years to tie-in with the new weekly series The New 52: Futures End. Solicits and cover art for 21 of the issues has been revealed, teasing a new Green Arrow, the return of the Black Lanterns and Batman's new partner: the Riddler!
DC's new crossover storyline kicked off yesterday, and apparently will continue to August (and maybe further). The solicit and cover art for Superman: Doomed #2 indicates there will be a showdown between the Man of Steel and one of his smartest foes - Brainiac!
The fan-favourite Batman: The Animated Series still holds a special place in many hearts over 20 years on, and a group of fans have taken it upon themselves to recreate the show's iconic intro in live action. Hit the jump to check it out!
Zero Year, Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo's modern take on the Dark Knight's origin, will come to an end this July, and the events of Batman Eternal will spin into a new story. Hit the jump to check out the solicit and cover art for Batman #34.
Newsarama has another look at DC Comics' upcoming Superman: Doomed storyline, with the new Justice League (including Lex Luthor!) coming to the Man of Steel's aid after a big battle. Check out a preview of Greg Pak and Aaron Kuder's Action Comics #31.
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