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We're about a month and a half away from DC's big celebration of Batman in Detective Comics #27. In this article you can check out Tony Daniel's variant cover, starting with pencils, then moving to inks, and finally with colors added.
In this first look at Forever Evil #4, we find Batman revealing the Bat Cave to Catwoman for the first time! However, that's not all! DC Entertainment have also sent over Ethan Van Sciver’s variant cover, depicting Batman using the powers of his yellow ring against the Crime Syndicate’s Power Ring!
Last issue, we learned more about the disturbing origin of Clayface and how it all ties to The Penguin. Well, in this first look at Gregg Hurwitz (Moon Knight) and Alex Maleev's (Daredevil) Batman: The Dark Knight #25, it's time for some villain on villain action!
This Wednesday, Batman's "Zero Year" will have an effect on yet another character in the DC Universe as John Layman (Detective Comics) and Aaron Lopresti (The Amazing Spider-Man) reveal what exactly Selina Kyle was up to during that time in Gotham's history in Catwoman #15!
The early years of Barry Allen will be explored in live-action in next week's episode of Arrow when he pays a visit to Starling City, but back in the comics, a pivotal moment of his origin is revealed during Gothan City's "Zero Year"! Hit the jump for a first look at The Flash #25.
Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner (Power Girl) take on the Joker's former girlfriend in one of the most wacky and entertaining comics in recent memory! Find out my take on Harley Quinn #0 after the jump!
Harley launched her new solo series this week with a zero issue and DC has provided us with a first look at issue #1's interior art.
Harley Quinn has finally broken out on her own and debuts her new ongoing series this week. Is it worth a buy? Find out within.
When the Man of Steel and Amazonian Princess first hooked up in the pages of Justice League, it was met with a mixed response. Regardless of whether you love or hate it, the two now star in their own series and both strip off in this variant for Superman/Wonder Woman #3!
The return of Stephanie Brown, the resurrection of Damian Wayne, Commisioner Gordon in handcuffs, a blonde Nightwing, a watchful owl and Alfred Pennyworth in a straight-jacket are just some of the hints at what's to come in the pages of new weekly series, Batman Eternal. Check it out!
Two-Face is on a rampage through Gotham City as his quest for revenge against the woman who killed his wife and left him scarred continues! However, the Caped Crusader is on his tail and they come face to Two-Face in this first look at Batman and Two-Face #25.
We got a glimpse of this battle in the pages of Forever Evil #3, but the second issue of tie-in series Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion will give us a much better look at the battle between the Rogues and The Crime Syndicate for control of Central City. Check it out!
Harley Quinn is back with her own series alongwith a bunchload of artists. Holy Moly King Kong sized Harley!!!! She would be meddeling with Batman and interrupting Teen Titans breakfast and leaving a trail of DESTRUCTION
At the end of "Lights Out", the Green Lantern Corps was led to believe that Kyle Rayner perished while battling the villainous Relic. Well, he returns in this first look at Green Lantern: New Guardians #25 and makes his presence known to Carol Ferris, a.k.a. Star Sapphire! Check it out.
A new interpretation of the Boy Wonder will join the Batman mythos this January. Read on for the first details and a look at a preliminary sketch.
The New 52 publishing line would undergo some major changes. New books, new creators, that kind of thing. Hit the jump to check out Geoff johns thoughts on the changes.
The third volume of Scott Snyder's Swamp Thing saga arrives in stores today. Read on for my take and why Swamp Thing makes me think of Power Station.
We've already brought you a first look at Batman #25, but this week will also see some of the other Bat-Family titles tie-in to "Zero Year". On sale today, you'll find a first look at both Batgirl #25 and Nightwing #25 after the jump!
DC continues to reveal where some of their other heroes were during the events of Batman's "Zero Year" in Gotham City, and when The Riddler throws Gotham City into total darkness, a young Marine named John Stewart is deployed as part of the peacekeeping measures!
Are you Dream-ing of a white Christmas? If you're a fan of Neil Gaiman's groundbreaking Sandman work, then Vertigo Comics has the perfect gift for you.
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