Lynda Carter On Gal Gadot As WONDER WOMAN

The very first tv incarnation of Princess Diana, Lynda Carter, shares her thoughts on Gal Gadot being cast as Wonder Woman in Zack Snyder's Man Of Steel sequel. Hit the jump to find out more!

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By Batmaniac - 12/24/2013

Lynda Carter, the 62-year-old actress who is best known for playing Wonder Woman from 1975 - 1979 in the hit TV series of the same name sat down with Metro recently and gave her blessing to Gal Gadot ahead of her role as Wonder Woman in the upcoming Man Of Steel sequel.

"I hope she has fun with it." said Carter about Gadot. When quizzed whether or not it will be odd seeing another actress in the role, Carter stated "I care more about the character continuing than holding on to my piece of it."

Wonder Woman being featured in Man Of Steel has received some criticism from fans for being introduced in the sequel before her own solo movie. When asked about her thoughts on the matter, Carter stated "maybe that’s better. She won’t have to carry the whole film. It takes the pressure off."

Carter then went on to give her blessing by saying "I wish her well. I’m just glad she’s going to be out there again. Maybe she’ll get her own show again."

Lynda Carter seems to be on board with Gal Gadot for the role and sounds happy to hear the character she holds so close to her heart is making her return to the screen. What do you think? As always, sound of your thoughts below!

For the full interview, click on the link below.
Source: Metro
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Brainiac13 - 12/24/2013, 2:32 PM
Nice Find Batz.

Brainiac13 - 12/24/2013, 2:33 PM
Gal Gadot is going to kill it.
MrCBM56 - 12/24/2013, 2:37 PM
Nice find. I didn't really like her in the role, though.
JordanKing - 12/24/2013, 2:38 PM
I wonder who's neck she will get to snap.
Brainiac13 - 12/24/2013, 2:38 PM

Did you get my email?
MrCBM56 - 12/24/2013, 2:39 PM
If we get the level of intensity and strength we got with Faroa and give it to WW. It's going tk be great.

Gal will own, can't wait!
ALmazing - 12/24/2013, 2:39 PM
That didn't sound like a blessing to me.

"I care more about the character continuing than holding on to my piece of it."

"I wish her well. I’m just glad she’s going to be out there again. Maybe she’ll get her own show again."

Yep, what WW needs is another TV show

Batmaniac - 12/24/2013, 2:39 PM
It seems as though casting beauty patient winners as Wonder Woman is becoming a tradition. Lynda Carter was Miss USA in 1972 prior to playing Wonder Woman and similar to Carter, Gadot was also a beauty pageant winner in 2004 where she was crowned Miss Israel.

I thought I'd just share that fun fact.
JoeMomma29 - 12/24/2013, 2:41 PM
I have trust in the choices for Batman and WW, I am sure Gal is going to kill it!
Batmaniac - 12/24/2013, 2:42 PM

The one with the codes? If so, then yes and thanks by the way. It came in handy when doing this.
JoeMomma29 - 12/24/2013, 2:43 PM
JoeMomma29 - 12/24/2013, 2:44 PM
Almight is slowly transitioning into a Marvelite Troll!
m0th3r - 12/24/2013, 2:45 PM
Get that girl a trainer and a seafood buffet....

I like her but she needs about 30-35lbs of solid muscle to pull this off...she is very light and dante..

JoeMomma29 - 12/24/2013, 2:48 PM
@ m0th3r

Naw all she needs is about 20lbs max, plus depending on her costume (if she wears one)they can add some padding and some movie magic.
Brainiac13 - 12/24/2013, 2:48 PM

You're Welcome. :)
Jollem - 12/24/2013, 2:57 PM
can't wait to see the suit
Tyrus - 12/24/2013, 3:15 PM
The people working on the film seem really enthused about WW in the film so she probably will be in her costume...
sameoldthing - 12/24/2013, 3:21 PM
The studio,producers,etc. must be getting a dietician & trainer for Gal.
I don't care how pretty she is,she's beautiful, she needs a more impressive build.
More meat/muscle on her frame...if not,FAIL.
SnapperCarr - 12/24/2013, 3:31 PM
Gal Gadot is going to own the role!

And Lynda Carter.... still a classy woman.

SnapperCarr - 12/24/2013, 3:34 PM
@SlaveMasterFlexXxMas Not really... Many people see Lynda Carter as THE Wonder Woman, so getting her approval would be reassuring to many Wondy fans out there.

And plus Adam West is [frick]ing awesome. There's nothing wrong about getting his approval (which he already gave to Bale, but I'm not so sure about Affleck).
LVNHI - 12/24/2013, 3:43 PM
All Day!!

RockBottom - 12/24/2013, 3:50 PM
Thank You Lynda. Gal has my blessings as well.
NovaCorpsFan - 12/24/2013, 4:44 PM

Well, you know what they say, opposites attract!
thewonderer - 12/24/2013, 5:29 PM
Perhaps this isn't the place to talk about it, but in women, personally all I care about is a nice face and a nice personality.

Don't understand why everyone demands "big tits" or a "hot ass" for a pretty woman.
blkchi - 12/24/2013, 5:47 PM
Yeah the wonderer many of us are married so at least for myself I picked the prettiest girl to marry..outta wonder we want pure sex appeal a nice rack strong arms like the comics..just reality I love my wire but she ain't wonderwoman she's a slim cutey.gadolt can't fill out the suit and its not like any Adams where she's a great actress so u forgive the looks.its reality
ds9epicfan - 12/24/2013, 5:47 PM
Well...I'm sure of one thing..Linda Carter is a class act!She'll always be MY Wonder Woman!
ALmazing - 12/24/2013, 5:55 PM
"JoeMomma29 - 12/24/2013, 2:44 PM
Report Comment
Almight is slowly transitioning into a Marvelite Troll!"

I think my trolling is fair and balanced sir, I'm neither a Marvelite nor a Nolanite.
CapFan79 - 12/24/2013, 5:58 PM
Lynda... 8=====D
knocturnal - 12/24/2013, 6:00 PM
she will be bad ass
kingruggid - 12/24/2013, 6:04 PM
she definitely needs to gain about 10 to 15 pounds all muscle , she's so scrawny and boney. there will never ever ever be a nother Wonder Woman like Lynda Carter she was beautiful sexy voluptuous and body the spirit of what Wonder Woman truly is in the DC Comics universe...for her to just want to see the Wonder Woman character immortalized in film and television is truly a statement and testament to the great actress Lynda Carter truly is.
dckizzle - 12/24/2013, 6:12 PM
She will be great and haters will still bitch
UncleBurnsie - 12/24/2013, 6:17 PM
"She can borrow my tits anytime" - Linda carter

Ranger14 - 12/24/2013, 6:17 PM
So, if someone is concerned with Gadot as WW, that automatically makes them a Marvelite troll? Geez this site is going downhill fast. It's okay to speculate she is is going to rock as WW, but not okay to speculate she may not be that great? Considering her lack of experience alone should validate more reason to be concerned. I hope she pulls it off, but just because I am concerned about one of my favorite characters being brought to life on the big screen doesn't make me a Marvelite troll.
ManDeth - 12/24/2013, 6:20 PM
Gadot's casting will hopefully be the beginning of the end of Wonder Woman with Pam Anderson's 1990 body.

Wonder Woman needs to be about character not tits and ass.
ManDeth - 12/24/2013, 6:24 PM
@blackandyellow Lynda Carter is the childhood crush that never goes away.
Loved the video a couple of years ago where the guy told her he had masturbated to her in 4 different decades. Of course now its 5.
Ranger14 - 12/24/2013, 6:27 PM
I don't need WW to have bit tits and ass, but I would like her to look like an Amazonian warrior.
BritishMonkey - 12/24/2013, 6:27 PM
Gal Gadot will be perfect as Wonder Woman, same as Ben being Batman.
davidwiz - 12/24/2013, 6:41 PM
she doesnt need to add any muscle, shes my ideal girl woman. so perfect sob lol. please let her wear the hot pants please please please please
Scooby - 12/24/2013, 6:54 PM
You know what they should've done? They should've cast someone who can act :) I'm gonna give her a chance though, I want to see what Snyder is gonna do. I think she's a bad choice - especially for the most recognizable female superhero in the world. But, I'm gonna give her a chance :)
Scooby - 12/24/2013, 6:56 PM
I'm also thinking Snyder is going to probably use things from Superman/Batman: Apocalypse. That way the Supergirl easter egg has somewhere to go and he can introduce Darkseid and set that up for Justice League.
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