Supergirl XXX Parody Director Talks Integrity of Bringing Comics to the Screen

The director of the upcoming porn parody talks Supergirl-- calls the 1984 adaptation of Supergirl the worst comic book movie in history...also he explains his research for his original take on the character...

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By CigBreath - 4/13/2011
Supergirl XXX 3D director talks his research and understanding of the comicbook movie, I have pasted the original article below (with some mild censoring) from AVN news, for your interest and entertainment,

From AVN News:
"On the Set: 'Supergirl XXX: An Extreme Comixxx Parody'
By Mark Kernes
Apr 13th, 2011 12:07 PM
VAN NUYS, Calif.—Although it's been 26 years, comic book fans are still upset with Warner Brothers for having made Supergirl, the distaff follow-up to Christopher Reeve's Superman that starred cutie (but then no acting powerhouse) Helen Slater as the "Girl of Steel" and Faye Dunaway as the chief villainess. Hell, they didn't even get the names of Supergirl's parents right!
"I like telling the story of Supergirl, because the movie, the original movie, is such a piece of (poop), and to parody that would just be a travesty, because all the comic book people say that was the biggest piece of (poop) in the world," noted Supergirl director Sinister X. "So we were originally going to do that, parody that, but after I thought about it and saw the mainstream movie again, I went back to [Extreme Comixxx owner] Jerry and said, 'Hey, let me do an original script on it. Let's go dig deep into the comic book lore and fashion it like that.' And Jerry said, 'I don't give a (fudge); go ahead.' So that's how we did it."
AVN was present for most of the second day of shooting, and the Extreme Comixxx version was definitely shaping up to be the superior attempt at telling this story. For one thing, Sinister X has put some top-flight talent in important roles, including Sunny Lane as Supergirl's high-energy college roommate, Barbara Gordon (who comic book—and porn parody—fans already know is secretly Batgirl); Dale DaBone, fresh from his stints as Batman and Elvis, as Superman; Jenna Presley as Lois Lane; Madelyn Marie as villainess Nasthalthia (apparently pronounced "Natasha") Luthor; India Summer as college dean Beverly Bernham; and Nina Hartley and newcomer Buck Fuddy as Supergirl's parents, Zor-El and Allura.
Particularly interesting, however, is the selection of Alanah Rae for the title role.
"I think Alanah Rae's great as Supergirl," Sinister X said. "She's mostly done gonzo stuff before, so she's new to features and we said, 'All right, we're going to put you in this role so you can do like all the other feature girls do.' It's an experiment for all of us and it's working great. She's frigging awesome, and everybody that's seen her in the costume has said, 'Oh, she's great; looks great.'"
"This is actually my first storyline feature," agreed the busty (36DD) star. "I like it a lot. I don't know if I would say any better or worse than gonzo because it's completely different. I like doing dialogue; it's a lot of fun."
Though not a comic book fan herself, Alanah's brothers are, so she had a lot of exposure to superheroes while growing up—and although her stepdad did once buy her a Supergirl comic, "that was before I was old enough to read. I looked at the pictures. She was cute."
Sinister X described one of the sex scenes Alanah will be in.
"One is a boy/boy/girl/girl orgy," he said, "so when she's having sex, around her will be her pledge sisters who will....they all go flying backwards and stuff like that."
We got to see the lead-up to that scene—all the sex in this movie appears to take place very late at night—where Sunny meets Alanah for the first time, and comments on her “cool pajamas”: Alanah's super-suit, which is sticking out of the blonde's backpack.
"I think I'm on the best set around," Sunny commented. "I actually get to play a superhero even though I'm an earthling, and this hot Supergirl is going to come down to my earthling world, and it's going to be a blast and a half...
Also on tap for the day was Supergirl's ejection from her home, the floating space-island Argo City, just before it explodes, by her parents. It's a touching scene, as Nina and Buck tearfully wish her farewell as her "escape pod," looking eerily similar to the one used by the superbaby in the first Reeve movie, blasts off for earth.
Finally, we got to see Alanah in her secret identity, college student Linda Lee, getting a mild third degree regarding her background from dean India Summer, whose muttered last line as Alanah exits the meeting, "I'm going to be watching you," portends more intrigue to come.
"Believe it or not, I'm really jazzed about the Supergirl thing in the sense that we have an opportunity to make a porno where people will go, 'This porno company made a better movie of Supergirl than Hollywood,’” Sinister X opined. "So that's our goal, and I think we're doing all right. We're staying close to the comic book lore of how things started, and I'm really, really excited about it. I'm excited to see what people think about it."

KingKazma - 4/13/2011, 10:52 PM
A porn parody I can look forward to
marvel72 - 4/14/2011, 5:19 AM
this is awesome!

one more parody for the collection,i've got all the others.

-batman xxx
-superman xxx
-wonder woman xxx
-batf*ck the dark knight

watched justice league xxx the other night,its good but some of the scenes are a little short,great scene at the start where batman has ago at aquaman for running off back to mera when there's a threat.

as for this alanah rae is one hot big titted babe,hope we get to see powergirl in action.
marvel72 - 4/14/2011, 6:36 AM
@ teabag

the cockpit scene is cool,lexi bell is one sexy little bird,kneel before zod has a whole new meaning with superman xxx.

it is good shit,i bet dc fans wished warner could churn out films at this rate.
loganoneil - 4/14/2011, 8:01 AM
God, you think they'd get someone hotter to play Supergirl - it IS after all a PORN!

"She makes my penis go, 'Meh...'"
-Daniel Tosh

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