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Comic Book Movie

After revealing that X-Men: Apocalypse's runtime might be longest of the franchise, director Bryan Singer reveals roughly when to expect a some "cool" footage from the 2016 sequel and he also recalls how Michael Fassbender made him cry during filming. Check it out! - DCMarvelFreshman
Next week, Coulson, Mack, & Daisy race to protect Lincoln from Rosalind. Meanwhile, Hunter teams up with May to exact his revenge on Ward. Marvel & ABC have released the full set of 26 promotional stills from next Tuesday's episode of Agents Of SHIELD. Check it out! - KingPatel
After premiering at the New York Comic Con, the brand new trailer for LEGO Marvel's Avengers has surfaced, and it looks all sorts of awesome! Packed full of nods to the Phase 2 movies and some genuinely very funny moments, you can check out this latest preview after the jump... - JoshWilding
As many of you predicted, it seems the Inhuman Royal Family is still on course to make its scheduled cinematic debut as part of Marvel's ever-expanding Phase Three slate, despite yesterday's report that studio had scrapped the 2019 project. Check out some details after the jump! - DCMarvelFreshman
We're just weeks away from the release of Sam Mendes' highly anticipated Skyfall follow-up, Spectre, and the latest TV spot puts the spotlight on Christoph Waltz's mysterious villain and even more incredible action sequences. Hit the jump to check it out! - JoshWilding
In about 7 months, Spider-Man will make his debut in the MCU, which will be followed by a Marvel Studios-produced solo outing! In a recent interview, director Jon Watts shared a few details on which comics he may be researching for his interpretation of the beloved wall-crawler.. - KingPatel
We're months away from meeting Ben Affleck's Batman as a new era for the Caped Crusader begins. Warner Bros. will obviously need to do a lot to top The Dark Knight Trilogy, and Jonathan Nolan has now addressed a Batman Begins mystery which has bugged some fans for years... - JoshWilding
This may come as a bit of a shock to you, but it looks like Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.might just end up crossing over with Captain America: Civil War... What's that? You're not surprised at all? Well hit the jump anyway to see how Clark Gregg thinks it could happen! - Minty
Some Marvel fans were seething when Michael B. Jordan was cast as Johnny Storm in Fantastic Four, but how will Star Wars fans react to the prospect of him suiting up as the new Boba Fett? Well, Disney has some potentially very controversial plans for the Bounty Hunter... - JoshWilding
Lots of new faces are set to appear on Agent Carter Season 2 - along with a few old favourites! In amongst the new arrivals are the wife of a beloved character, a high-powered businessman, a potential love interest for Peggy and the formidable S2 big bad, 'Madame Masque'... - Minty