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Comic Book Movie

Today is Margot Robbie's 25th birthday, and she's celebrating on the set of Suicide Squad with a cake which is appropriately Harley Quinn themed. As a bonus, the beautiful The Wolf of Wall Street actress is also in full costume as The Joker's sidekick, so check it out here...
I ran into Kristian from Shazam last weekend while attending the Ant-Man press junket and he showed me the new update to the app that not only lets you take a selfie with Ant-Man, but also lets you explore the world from his perspective!
According to director Bryan Singer, after several X-Men films from 20th Century Fox, X-Men: Apocalypse will finally see the "true birth of the X-Men." Comic book fans might well be skeptical of these words but we'll all find out if he's right on 05.27.16.
The first trailers for Josh Trank's Fantastic Four haven't exactly been heavy on action, but the director teases a "massive" clash between the heroes and Victor Domashev/Doctor Doom in this new interview. Writer Simon Kinberg meanwhile weighs in on why the reboot might be a tough sell...
Secret Wars has opened up the possibility for some cool new stories, with Gerry Duggan and Nik Virella presenting a Western take on the Marvel U with 1872. Sheriff Steve Rogers is out to clean up the town of Timely, but the arrival of a stranger could change things forever...
Deadpool and Domino take on Joker and Harley Quinn in this new episode of Super Power Beat Down from Bat in the Sun. Does the Clown Prince of Crime stand a chance against the Merc with a Mouth?
Ever wanted to see Nicolas Cage in skin tight blue spandex? Here's your chance! We've seen a lot of leaked photos and concept art for Tim Burton's scrapped 1990s Superman Lives movie, but now the first test footage has surfaced thanks to an upcoming documentary. Check it out!
Check out my interview with Teen Titans Go! producer Michael Jelenic where we discuss the 100th episode, favorite characters and Starfire and Robin's future! I also have a clip from tonight's episode to share!
"Welcome to Baskin Robbins, would you like to try our Mango Fruit Blast?" - Early buzz on Marvel's Ant-Man is quite high and it's looking more and more like it'll crack $70M opening weekend when it hits theaters in two weeks. Until then, check out these four brand new TV spots!
Confirming Black Panther (and not Captain Marvel) to be the "diverse" Marvel movie she was in talks for, Ava DuVernay has revealed she and the studio will NOT collaborate on the project. Check it out!