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Comic Book Movie

Jurassic World is undoubtedly the biggest film of the year with a worldwide gross of over $1.5 billion. In a recent interview, director Colin Trevorrow touched base on the recent sequel announcement and teased a few of the potential plot details. Come check it out! - KingPatel
DC Comics' Emerald Archer vs Marvel's Master Marksman. Who wins between Green Arrow and Hawkeye? Ismahawk has your answer. If you don't agree with who they selected as the victor, take your argument to the comment section! - MarkJulian
Some paparazzi shots of the Suicide Squad actor out and about in New York (still sporting his green hair) reveal that he's using a very specific Joker-related image for his iPhone. Has he been researching this particular comic arc for his role, or is he just a fan of the cover art? - RorMachine
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Avalanche Studios have released a brand new trailer for their upcoming Mad Max video game, giving a glimpse into the various fortified strongholds located throughout the post-apocalyptic Wasteland. Check it out... - RorMachine
We've heard plenty of praise for Krysten Ritter's protagonist, and now the Jessica Jones producers have opened up about some of her supporting characters, including Mike Colter's 'Luke Cage' and David Tennant's villainous 'Kilgrave'. Hit the jump to check it out! - Minty
We've been following the budding rivalry between Arrow star Stephen Amell and WWE Superstar Stardust for months now, but it looks like there's finally going to be some sort of pay off on next Monday's episode of WWE Raw. Hit the jump for all the latest details and Tweets... - JoshWilding
Yet another character with ties to the world of Superman is coming to CBS' Supergirl TV series this Fall, and it's none other than the sister of Lois Lane (and ex-girlfriend of Jimmy James Olsen), Lucy Lane. Hit the jump for the details on Jenna Dewan-Tatum's casting... - JoshWilding
In addition to Milla Jovovich and Paul W.S. Anderson, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter will also feature the return of old friend Ali Larter. A new report has confirmed the involvement of the Legends star in the upcoming sequel. Come check it out! - KingPatel
After airing during WWE Raw, Fox has officially released a new extended sneak peek for Josh Trank's Fantastic Four reboot. However, arguably the best part about this is an appearance from Deadpool at the end of the preview as the Merc with the Mouth delivers a special message.. - JoshWilding
Game Of Thrones is assembling a very talented guest cast for next year. Hot on the heels of Ian McShane's arrival, veteran actor Max von Sydow has been brought on board the popular HBO fantasy show - but as a character we've already seen before! Hit the jump to find out who! - Minty